Web Design

Today, websites are accessed from phones, tablets, computers, TV's & refrigerators and needs to run perfectly on all of these different devices. Responsive css solves this by adjusting the look of the website based on screen size. Go ahead- resize our website to mobile size and see it for yourself.

You'll only need one site instead of having multiple sites for phones, tablets or desktop computers.

In 2012 I worked at The Next Web to redesign it into this new modern jacket. I was responsible for the design, UX and aided in front-end implementation.

The Next Web Desktop
The Next Web Laptop
The Next Web Tablet
The Next Web Mobile

Web Development

A picture says more than a thousand words. So why would you bore your visitors with a million lines of hard-to-focus-on text? Instead, why don't you show your visitors how your product works? I can build entire tech demos right into your homepage so visitors are engaged and understand your product immediately.

Explain complex ideas to visitors using interactive demo's.

In 2013, I redesigned Statwing making this awesome product even more intuitive to use. The front page now shows a small demo of their product which is fun to use and simple to understand. I was responsible for the design, UX and front-end implementation.


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Males tend to have much higher values for Customer Satisfaction than Females

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Read some Testimonials

Our product is very hard to describe, Superpencil really pushed us towards simpler, more visual, and more interactive communication of our product. They bring a refreshing perspective to that challenge.
If you're looking for someone that can combine innovative design, usability with eye catching visuals - Pascal's your man.
I had the extreme pleasure of working with Pascal during my tenure at Livestream. He has a great sense of aesthetics, know current design trends very well and puts 101 percent into the work he's doing.
Superpencil helped us a lot to create a uniform look throughout dopios.com, always backed their decisions with data, have an excellent grasp of current trends, and could turn their designs in clean and neat code.

A little bit about me

I've been fiddling with computer interfaces since 2001. Graduated college as a Multimedia Designer and illustrated, designed and gradually developed stuff for the web and apps. Love playing indie games and I'm famous for grilling a mean burger. I like to travel and settle into 'normal' life, which I've done in Amsterdam, London, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Moscow, Bangkok and Athens.

If you have a digital product or idea and you can use some help, feel free to contact me

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