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Web Design

Today, websites are accessed from phones, tablets, computers, TV's refrigerators and needs to run perfectly on all of these different devices. Responsive css solves this by adjusting the look of the website based on screen size. Go ahead- resize our website to mobile size and see it for yourself.

You'll only need one site instead of having multiple sites for phones, tablets or desktop computers.

In 2012 we worked on The Next Web to redesign it into this new modern jacket. We were responsible for the design, UX and aided in front-end implementation.

The Next Web Desktop
The Next Web Laptop
The Next Web Tablet
The Next Web Mobile

Web Development

A picture says more than a thousand words. So why would you bore your visitors with a million lines of hard-to-focus-on text? Instead, why don't you show your visitors how your product works? We can build entire tech demos right into your homepage so visitors are engaged and understand your product immediately.

Explain complex ideas to visitors using interactive demo's.

In 2013, we redesigned Statwing making this awesome product even more intuitive to use. The front page now shows a small demo of their product which is fun to use and simple to understand. We were responsible for the design, UX and front-end implementation.

Interactive Demo

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A little bit about us

Pascal 9f4bcabcf5303fbf9aa978f604954c7a07f2cc2f81b00eeaa7d77a30d96b5d8c

Pascal Pencil

Design & Full-Stack Developer

Degree in Multimedia Design

I've been fiddling with computer interfaces since 2001. My custom themes and icons for Windows & Mac have been featured in magazines the world over, the success of which got me started in illustration and interface design.

In 2008 I won the May1stReboot webdesign competition and that site was featured as an example in Designing a Digital Portfolio by Cynthia Baron.

In 2012 graduated college in Holland with a bachelors in Multimedia Design after having completed my internship with Livestream in New York, an experience that turned me on to travel for life.

After seeing that interface design never translated well to HTML and CSS I decided to start doing that markup myself, landing me a job as design lead on the 2013 The Next Web redesign.

I founded Superpencil and programming grew to be my new great love, I am now proficient in Javascript, PHP and Rails.

Github: @PascalPencil
Dribbble: @Superpencil
Clara d44d41a10465b7ec1cc7d4c01ff743d6266b9a782313cf2bbc9ec0653aa308ae

Clara Nitsch

Front-End & Rails Developer

Bs International Business Management

After a brush with IT during my studies, I decided to shift my focus towards web development upon graduating.

Having taught myself front-end and rails, I joined superpencil in 2015 to support Pascal with development.

I am known, loved and feared for my analytical mind. I love broadening my horizon, be it with the help of art, travel or simply profound conversation.

Github: @curly-coder

Read some testimonials

Superpencil helped us completely overhaul our app. We were using an old framework that had been hacked to pieces over the years. Not only were they able to put a new face on it, but helped us unify the front-end code for consistency and easy updates later.

They took personal interest in our project right away and invested time and effort into understanding how our product works before making any decisions that would affect the design.

Andrew 5459671da03b9eba7a0e1f57be204c3e9ff6c5944b2af4fefa0ea9fd6c7d10be
Our product is very hard to describe, Superpencil really pushed us towards simpler, more visual, and more interactive communication of our product. They bring a refreshing perspective to that challenge.
Greg 6f2a75c4a511396423af6fb43b80f033a0a01173a0bce941421a5062173b3d7b
Superpencil helped us a lot by creating a uniform look throughout dopios.com, always backed their decisions with data, have an excellent grasp of current trends, and can turn their designs in clean and neat code.
Alex 0f6e1de94911cfca7c88d1e274a1450c669c31d15fff56541ff51f65b21d7340
If you're looking for someone that can combine innovative design, usability with eye catching visuals - Pascal's your man.
Zee 3a5cbc5ad620207f00e6adae648f6a5c68021f6f858b937d585ca00bcf43c568
I had the extreme pleasure of working with Pascal during my tenure at Livestream. He has a great sense of aesthetics, know current design trends very well and puts 100% into the work he's doing.
Marcos 6c84e970ea5649a33705dd3d17279ec07a94caa1fa627bd15b840d96204791e3