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Some of the projects we've worked on
Fishisfast screenshot home


June 2014 - Ongoing

Online shopping in the United States 🇺🇸, for people not living in the United States 🇺🇸.


List of the services we offer

Interaction Design

Gary balls

Gary black
Ash black
Ash balls



In 2004 someone asked us to put 👾 Space Invaders on their site, to keep people entertained.

This is a terrible idea, you want people reading your copy, and understanding your product, good interaction design can help with this.

To demonstrate how bad interaction design works, we've loaded up a Javascript-based Pokémon game we made next to this section.

Are you still reading this?

Find the source code on Github

Frontend Development


Today, websites are accessed from phones, tablets, computers, TV's refrigerators and needs to run perfectly on all of these different devices. Responsive css solves this by adjusting the look of the website based on screen size. Go ahead- resize our website to mobile size and see it for yourself.

You'll only need one site instead of having multiple sites for phones, tablets or desktop computers.

In 2012 we worked on The Next Web to redesign it into this new modern jacket. We were responsible for the design, UX and aided in front-end implementation.

The Next Web Desktop
The Next Web Laptop
The Next Web Tablet
The Next Web Mobile
JS Animation

A good way to explain what you do is with a video, but if you're catering to some countries with very bad internet connections, Javascript animation combined with images saves bandwidth while still showing an understandable animation. Also it's just really cool to see and make. 😎

1 Not all US stores offer worldwide shipping


Instantly play animations with no loading time on any device.

In 2015, we added this animation is multiple languages to the fishisfast.com website, explaining the basic principle of using the product in a few seconds, even for mobile users.

Interactive Demos

A picture says more than a thousand words. So why would you bore your visitors with a million lines of hard-to-focus-on text? Instead, why don't you show your visitors how your product works? We can build entire tech demos right into your homepage so visitors are engaged and understand your product immediately.

Explain complex ideas to visitors using interactive demo's.

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Males tend to have much higher values for Satisfaction than Females

10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85

There is a statistically significant relationship between Satisfaction and Country


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In 2013, we redesigned Statwing making this awesome product even more intuitive to use. The front page now shows a small demo of their product which is fun to use and simple to understand. We were responsible for the design, UX and front-end implementation.

Have a look at Statwing.com Statwing has been acquired by qualtrics


A little bit about us
Pascal Pixel
Founder, Designer

I have been tinkering with making it easier for people to interact with computers since 2001. My custom themes and icons for Windows & Mac have been featured in magazines the world over, the success of which drew me to illustration and Software Interface Design.

In 2008 I won the May1stReboot Web Design Contest and that site was featured as an example in Designing a Digital Portfolio by Cynthia Baron.

In 2012 graduated college in Holland as a Multimedia Designer after completing my internship with Livestream in New York, an experience that turned me on to travel for life.

Over time I discovered design in the hands of engineers never translated to great code, prompting me to start programming that markup myself, landing me a job as Design Lead on the 2013 The Next Web redesign.

I launched Superpencil and programming grew into my new great love, today coding in Javascript, PHP and Rails.

Clara Nitsch
Junior Programmer

After a brush with IT during my studies, I decided to shift my focus towards web development upon graduating.

Having taught myself Front-end, Swift and Rails, I joined Superpencil in 2015 to support Pascal with development.

I am known, loved and feared for my analytical mind. I love broadening my horizon, be it with the help of art, travel or simply profound conversation.

Marc van Eyken
Senior Programmer

With over 35 years of experience my love for programming in the trenches has never waned. I’ve had opportunities to work with a wide variety of clients and technical environments. My desire to solve problems has led me to continuously seek new challenges and to stay current in my chosen profession.

Working with my clients, I learn their requirements, identify options, and map out workable solutions. Respecting the time and resources available, I plan out each aspect of a project and ensure that the deliverables are effective, clean & efficient. When programming for business, it’s not just solving a problem, it’s ensuring that the solution can be maintained and evolve.

Over time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from a fascinating variety of professionals from various countries & cultures. Everyone of them has helped me evolve and to hone my craft.

Chris Favreau
Rails Developer

Cross trained with experience in the retail industry as an Assistant Store Manager for Rite Aid, in the construction industry as the Equipment Manager for Harrison & Burrowes Bridge Constructors, and as a dispatcher for the NY State Parks Police Mr Favreau brings a variety of life experiences with him.

He's in his final year of a BSc in Information Technology. Working with us while taking his university courses, he's a great addition to the team.


Read some testimonials

Superpencil helped us completely overhaul our app. We were using an old framework that had been hacked to pieces over the years. Not only were they able to put a new face on it, but helped us unify the front-end code for consistency and easy updates later.

They took personal interest in our project right away and invested time and effort into understanding how our product works before making any decisions that would affect the design.

Andrew Gillies
Project Manager at fishisfast
Our product is very hard to describe, Superpencil really pushed us towards simpler, more visual, and more interactive communication of our product. They bring a refreshing perspective to that challenge.
Greg Laughlin
Co-founder of Statwing
Superpencil helped us a lot by creating a uniform look throughout dopios.com, always backed their decisions with data, have an excellent grasp of current trends, and can turn their designs in clean and neat code.
Alex Trimis
Founder of dopios.com
If you're looking for someone that can combine innovative design, usability with eye catching visuals - Pascal's your man.
Zee M. Kane
Former CEO of TNW
I had the extreme pleasure of working with Pascal during my tenure at Livestream. He has a great sense of aesthetics, know current design trends very well and puts 100% into the work he's doing.
Marcos Mejia
Product Design at Facebook