I'm a UX designer with a bachelors in visual design and a knack for coding.

Currently working for Fishisfast in Texas

Web Design

Today, websites are accessed from phones, tablets, computers, TV's refrigerators and needs to run perfectly on all of these different devices. Responsive css solves this by adjusting the look of the website based on screen size. Go ahead- resize our website to mobile size and see it for yourself.

You'll only need one site instead of having multiple sites for phones, tablets or desktop computers.

In 2012 I worked at The Next Web to redesign it into this new modern jacket. I was responsible for the design, UX and aided in front-end implementation.

The Next Web Desktop
The Next Web Laptop
The Next Web Tablet
The Next Web Mobile

Web Development

A picture says more than a thousand words. So why would you bore your visitors with a million lines of hard-to-focus-on text? Instead, why don't you show your visitors how your product works? I can build entire tech demos right into your homepage so visitors are engaged and understand your product immediately.

Explain complex ideas to visitors using interactive demo's.

In 2013, I redesigned Statwing making this awesome product even more intuitive to use. The front page now shows a small demo of their product which is fun to use and simple to understand. I was responsible for the design, UX and front-end implementation.


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Males tend to have much higher values for Customer Satisfaction than Females

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Read some Testimonials

Our product is very hard to describe, Pascal really pushed us towards simpler, more visual, and more interactive communication of our product. He brings a refreshing perspective to that challenge.
Greg 771a11b23251c9fcdcbd7f47b953c3b76169748a5aa42c338fd9238a8edad13e
If you're looking for someone that can combine innovative design, usability with eye catching visuals - Pascal's your man.
Zee b1b4ea9c825128be1a3f582f3e2206baf754bcbdd0842a91856f5db72f96134b
Pascal helped us a lot to create a uniform look throughout dopios.com, always backed his decisions with data, has an excellent grasp of current trends, and can turn his designs in clean and neat code.
Alex 123ae8e54adb8537de6244644b6be038be42fcd7b04f714612087a071534aaf2
I had the extreme pleasure of working with Pascal during my tenure at Livestream. He has a great sense of aesthetics, know current design trends very well and puts 100% into the work he's doing.
Marcos 45de1930c210eb81ccb2c56147024ce86010942c62e0176a39f52ea5ac8b2653

A little bit about me

Pascal 7ea03ce114c6450182dc2fd593fde6eec9e8991cc6aca1595ed6ef9ea6e1fb64

I've been fiddling with computer interfaces since 2001. Graduated college as a Multimedia Designer and illustrated, designed and gradually developed stuff for the web and apps. Love playing indie games and I'm famous for grilling a mean burger. I like to travel and settle into 'normal' life, which I've done in Amsterdam, London, New York, San Francisco, Athens, Bangkok, Moscow, Brisbane and Wellington.